How it works

Learn more about the process of buying a gift, Gift Aid and how we can help with group donations.

Do you get an actual gift?

When you buy a virtual gift from Christian Aid Charity Gifts, you or your lucky recipient(s) don’t get an actual goat or a pair of chickens (although we know it would be pretty cool if you did).

What you do get for each gift is a physical, print-at-home card or an ecard. Each card explains a bit more about the gift and tells a story about someone – a real person – who's benefited from a similar contribution.

How does buying a charity gift work?

  1. Choose and buy gift(s) for your loved one(s).
  2. Your money acts as a donation; it goes into a fund for each area of Christian Aid’s work. So, if you buy the gift of a goat, your money goes into our Nutrition & Food Security fund, and so on. 
  3. Every gift is represented by a card. You can write a personal message inside it. Arrange to have it sent to you, or to whoever you’ve bought the gift for.
  4. The gift delights them and everybody feels good.
  5. Our local partner uses the money you’ve donated to work on a particular programme or project – like supplying goats to families in Ethiopia.

Where does Gift Aid fit in?

Because your purchase of a virtual gift is actually a donation, you can opt in for Gift Aid (if you're a UK taxpayer). There’s no VAT due.

What about group donations?

We can help out with group donation gifts and send you a printed certificate, but we’re not able to do it online right now.

Please call our Supporter Care team on 0333 555 2025.

Who are Christian Aid?

Christian Aid are a UK-based charity and a global movement of people, churches and local organisations.

We are the changemakers, the peacemakers, the mighty of heart. Our core values are dignity, equality, justice and love. Every gift you buy supports our work. 

What are the areas of Christian Aid’s work? 

We have six funds serving programmes and projects across Asia, Africa and the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean:

  • Climate-resilient agriculture
  • Financial inclusion
  • Preparedness, humanitarian response and resilience
  • Nutrition and food security
  • Universal health coverage
  • Social protection

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