Cookstove (E-card)
Cookstove (E-card)
Cookstove (E-card)
Cookstove (E-card)
Cookstove (E-card)
Cookstove (E-card)


Why a cookstove?

Cookstoves, made locally from clay, use less firewood than an open fire. Your gift could provide 5 cookstoves to people in Malawi - and when they spend less time chopping down and gathering wood, more trees can thrive.

A richer forest habitat means more carbon capture and less soil erosion.

Where does the money go?

Your gift purchase acts as a donation to our Climate Resilient Agriculture fund, and will help people around the world.

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Digital cards don't have fulfilment costs, so more of your donation will be used to fight poverty.

Our Water & Environment fund

Learn more about how we provide clean water to the communities around the world that need it most.

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